Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April 2009 Dove Hunt with Rancho Salvaje

First let me stress the importantance of finding your passport at least 2 weeks prior to traveling internationally. Do not assume it is where you remember leaving it. If you do discover that it is missing the day you are to leave, drive immediately to your regional passport office. They close at 3:30.
If you fail at all of this call your Senator's office and hope you remebered to send a check. If you did not you will still get help but the supporting them is always a good idea.

The hunt was great, accomodation and hospitality up to Rancho Salvaje's normal high standard. The shooting was very good as well, but it was very dry in La Pampa. The birds were having to go much farther to get water.
We still had average hunts of 300 birds or more. A few of us really were fired up and got 600 per hunt.
The photo above is from our last day. We are showing our support for our favorite nature conservancy, People Eating Tasty Animals, or PETA for short.
The guy 3rd from the left is my buddy Ric. He passed away since this photo was taken, but we were lucky to share these memories with him before he left us.

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