Monday, April 14, 2008

How it Started

The Poacher's Journal was originally the name of the photo scrapbook that my friend J.P. kept of the hunting adventures of the Wells Creek Boys: Alex(that's me), J.P., Alan, Allen, David. More on them later. The book was more evidence than memories.

In the early days we killed without much thought to the legalities and no concern for conservation. After many years great strides of maturity we have all become conservationist hunters.

Conservationist Hunter means we can all afford to pay to hunt, and the game warden runs folks like me off my place now. I have had to quit hunting deer at night, but it is worth it. Now I travel to foreign lands, to see animals in their most natural environments, kill them and eat them.

The cast changes as finances and wives opinions change. But we have a great group of friends to share the outdoors, and all the hilarious bullshit that comes along with it.

What I hope to do here is offer a bit of my experience to folks who are interested in hunting and fishing as I do when I travel to Argentina, Mexico, and Canada. I still hunt ducks and geese here, but I hope I never have to hunt doves here again. I have a great bias to hunting in Argentina. By hunting I mean birds, as I quit deer hunting years ago. I have killed enough of them. I grew up hunting in East Texas, 'nuff said.
I travel to Agentina a couple times a year now to hunt doves, ducks, geese, Perdiz and different stuff, or just to shop and eat in Buenos Aires.

I love Canada for fishing in the northern tier for Walleye and Pike. Mostly I have done fly in, and stay in a cabin (no running water, electricity, plenty of bears) for a week. Great fun, unspoiled wilderness.

I will not return to Mexico to hunt, it is far to dangerous. I will cover each of these later.

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